Kavkaz-Uzel.eu: Bzu — Minimal ambient from Nalchik

Some music for the weekend, according to a long tradition in the blog. This time Bzu duet from Nalchik. Genre — minimal ambient (it seems). In general, this kind of background electronic music, but with a distinct melodic pattern of short phrases, played mostly on the piano. And this is very night music.

Was at their performance recently in Nalchik at the Atazhukinsky festival of urban culture, and was impressed. Two people live create such a growing, but also delicate musical background. Asked them after the concert to come to Vladikavkaz, they promised to think. I would go …

This is a fresh recording of their live performance in the studio, mostly from Nature & Technology’s latest album. Who is interested, here is their website: http://bzusounds.com/

«Atazhukin Sound» Festival

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